90 seconds from Jess - why join?

These two Facebook groups are SUUuuuuper new! I'm not, though. I've been around a while. Here's me, explaining my vision for the groups.

Pick your group, or join both!

I'm excited to introduce my new Boston Baby Photos VIP Facebook Groups - and they're not just for people who've done photos with me - they're for anyone who lives in the Boston area.

Boston Families Together is a community group for anyone living in the Boston area, and Year One Together is for expecting parents and for families with a baby who's under one year old. 

I go live every Wednesday in one of the groups with an interview with a local expert who inspires me -- come join the conversations!

Do you live in the Boston area with your family?

Join "Boston Families Together"

Are you expecting a baby, or do you have someone under a year old living in your house, and do you live in the Boston area? 

Join "Year One Together"

About Jess McDaniel

I'm a baby photographer, and because I've been doing it so long I've naturally become a family photographer, too. (My first babies from the early days of Boston Baby Photos are booking their senior photoshoots this year, and nothing makes me happier.)

I travel anywhere within an hour of Boston for photoshoots. Outside of photography, I truly love The Container Store, salty food and my husband and daughters. And not necessarily in that order.

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