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Year One Together

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Just the first of many freebies in the group... my "Dressing Your Baby For Boston Weather Resource Guide" PDF

Are you expecting a baby or do you have a baby under a year at home?

You're invited to join my private group for families navigating their first year of parenting in the Boston area, and as my welcome gift, you get to download this really fantastic PDF!

Join my "Year One Together" Group

Groups within the group

Connect with other local parents

No matter whether you're expecting a baby in Winter of 2022 or whether you had your baby a year ago in Spring of 2020 - I've got good stuff happening in the group for you, and you can join a sub-group within Year One Together that helps you find other local parents with babies your baby's age.

ANd In the group you cAN Come watch...

Live Interviews with Local Baby Experts

I interview local experts in all-things-baby every other week, and then those interviews are saved in the group archive so you can watch them anytime. Scroll down to get excited about some of the interviews I have scheduled...

Don't have a baby in your house right now, but you live in the Boston area and want an online community of families to connect with? You can come join my group for families with older children - it's called Boston Families Together and you can join that group here. I do live interviews with experts that address "family pain points" in that group every other week, too.

But if everything you can think about right now is all babies, all the time... 

Join my "Year One Together" Group

Interested in doing photos?

Some samples from Jess...

I'm Jess McDaniel.

I'm a baby photographer, and because I've been doing it so long I've naturally become a family photographer, too. (My first babies from the early days of Boston Baby Photos are booking their senior photoshoots this year, and nothing makes me happier.) 

I travel anywhere within an hour of Boston for photoshoots. Outside of photography, I truly love The Container Store, salty food and my husband and daughters. And not necessarily in that order.

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